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PK 24001-K High Performance

Palfinger Medium PK 24001-K High Performance

Its hook height at close range is an important characteristic for efficient load handling

  • High value retention thanks to coating technology
  • Additional applications due to Single Link Plus
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range due to HPSC
  • Higher payloads due to intelligent lightweight design
  • Shorter load cycle times due to High Speed Extension

Technical data

Max. lifting moment23.2 mt
Max. lifting capacity6100 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach12.5 m
Max. manual outreach16.9 m
Slewing angle400°
Slewing torque with 1 gear2.8 mt
Stabilizer spread (std)5.0 m
Fitting space required (std)0.91 m
Width folded2.55 m
Max. operating pressure320 bar
Pump capacity50 - 75 l/min
Dead weight (std.)2451 kg

Lifting moment

Lifting momentOutreachSlewing angleSlewing torque (mt)PressurePump capacity (l/min)Crane WeightCrane HeightCrane WidthInstallation WidthMax stroke lenghtMax lifting capacityLoad vertical