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PK 23002 SH High Performance

Palfinger Medium PK 23002 SH High Performance

Construction sites that are difficult to access and tight schedules. This is where Power Link Plus and the continuous slewing system really deliver.

  • High value retention thanks to coating technology
  • More comfort and safety due to Soft Stop
  • Maximum utilisation of the working range due to HPSC
  • More lifting power due to S-HPLS
  • More efficient and faster due to continuous slewing

Technical data

Max. lifting moment21.9 mt
Max. lifting capacity6200 kg
Max. hydraulic outreach17.1 m
Max. manual outreach19.1 m
Max. outreach (with fly jip)25.2 m
Slewing angle
Slewing torque with 1 gear2.3 mt
Stabilizer spread (std)5.6 m
Fitting space required (std)0.99 m
Width folded2.55 m
Max. operating pressure365 bar
Pump capacity75 - 100 l/min
Dead weight (std.)2549 kg

Lifting moment

Lifting momentOutreachSlewing angleSlewing torque (mt)PressurePump capacity (l/min)Crane WeightCrane HeightCrane WidthInstallation WidthMax stroke lenghtMax lifting capacityLoad vertical